Wellchem is a high-tech enterprise specialized in both Innovation and production of flame retardants as well as providing the flame proofing related service and solutions to customers worldwide. Nymco is Wellchem’s Italian distributors.

Started in 2000. Through our vigorous research and innovative development work, we now stand as the third leading producer of ammonium polyphosphate APP (Phas II,n>1000) in the world, and hold a firm position in the global market for this product in various applications, such as:

● intumescent fireproofing paints and coatings,
● plastics and polymer,
● sealants and adhesives,
● fabric and textile.  

In addition, we also produce Melamine-based and Phosphite / Phosphonate based flame retardants, applications in engineering plastic with many advantages incost effectiveness, environmental

Since many years Wellchem and Nymco are partners and Nymco is appointed as exclusive distributor for Italian country.

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