Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH is German based and one of the leading European manufactures of zinc oxide and zinc dust: our brand IMR expresses our activities. Nymco is IMR Italian chemicals distributors.

IMR uses the New Jersey refined zinc distillation process, recovering high-purity zinc oxide from secondary raw materials such as zinc scrap or remelted zinc. Our process is highly energy-efficient and has the lowest possible CO2 emissions, which puts us to the top of Europe’s zinc recycling industry. Our high-purity products:

Zink Weiss Herzsiegel: it is produced and supplied in various surface areas, eachadapted to a specific application. Fields of applications: Tyre and Rubber industry, Glass and Ceramics industry, Paint and Adhesives industry. Electronic industry.

Zink Weiss Harzsiegel CF: it is tailored to the individual area of application, produced and delivered with different specific surface areas for Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetics industry, Chemical industry Electronic industry (varistors and ferrite).

HZO Paint zinc dust: it can be produced and supplied in different particle sizes with are adapted to the respective application such as Anti-corrosion sector, Mechanical galvanizing (sherardising) and Chemical reduction reactions.

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