For over 60 years, Nymco has been a reliable partner and supplier of chemicals for industry. Over the years, we have developed extensive expertise in the production and distribution of countless types of products for the manufacture of inks, plastics, adhesives, accessories for the construction industry, paper, oils, lubricants and much more.

Our versatility and meticulous practices have made us a key partner for numerous companies throughout the world.

Tailored solutions

Nymco has the organizational means to deliver targeted solutions. Not only do we provide outstanding industrial chemicals, we also offer specific advice based on our customers’ individual needs.

The technical and sales staff of the Nymco international department works directly with customers and is supported by a network of agents and distributors in several countries to ensure the best coverage possible within each market.

Nymco is constantly updating its range of industrial chemicals

Our research and development laboratories are constantly studying new solutions to expand our already vast range of industrial chemicals.

Our offering includes silicone and oil-based defoamers, wetting agents, dispersing agents, plasticizers, organic and inorganic pigments, special effect pigments (pearlescent), UV absorbers and antioxidants, additives for coatings, plastics and adhesives and sequestrants.

And it doesn’t stop there. Nymco personnel is prepared and ready to receive customer requests for special solutions to suit the specific needs of companies.

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Fluwet Fludisp

Range of wetting and dispersant additives for pigments, dyes and fillers, usable in any industry that needs at least one of these raw materials.The use of these agents helps to decrease the energy required for dispersion, increases its stability and helps to eliminate flocculation, sedimentation, floating by giving excellent quality to the resulting films, in a wide range of systems.
Wetting Agents: FLUWET
Dispersant Agents: FLUIDISP


Wide range of mineral, synthetic, vegetable, silicone, polymeric oil based defoamers, available as concentrated or emulsion form, some of them in solid form. Many of these grades have been formulated with selected raw materials in order to guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements such as VOC free, APEO free, ECO label, biodegradability, Bgvv, FDA, EC 10/2011. The application field is varied, embracing different areas such as varnishes and paints, inks, construction, adhesives, industrial detergents, water treatment and paper processing, oils and lubricants.


Stable aqueous dispersion of 50% calcium stearate used to give water repellency to plastics, stucco, wall paints, cementitious masses in general and for paper process, it can be used as sandability agent in water-based wood coatings. It is a fluid paste that can be easily mixed with latex and diluted with water, giving water repellency, improving the smoothness and leveling of the product, guaranteeing uniformity of application.

Nymanox Nymassorb

Wide range of antioxidant additives e UV absorber. Nymco Spa is able to offer long lasting experience in marketing and technical assistance by providing solutions suitable for final applications. Antioxidants inhibit the formation of free radicals, improving the stability of polymers to light and heat, interrupting the oxidation reactions involving polymers. UV absorber, usually dihydroxybenzophenones and hydroxyphenyl benzotriazoles, work by absorbing UV radiation. 


Range of rheological additives based on modified clay specially designed to impart thixotropy and rheology to non-polar or medium-polarity systems containing ketones, esters, alcohols and water. The use of these substances allows to achieve high rheological efficiency, easy dispersion, poor coloring of the formulation and sedimentation. â€‹Can be used in various application areas such as formula for inks, varnishes, paints, sealants, adhesives and nano-composite cosmetics.

Nymasil Nymarep

Range of silanes and silicone oils to be used in Coatings, Construction, Adhesives, Sealants, Plastics and Rubber sectors. The use of these agents improves compatibility between fillers and polymers, adhesion to difficult substrates, as well as the cohesion of sealant and adhesive coverings. Additionally, they can impart water-repellent properties to various surfaces. They can be used in a wide range of rubber and plastic covering systems.

Silanes and silicone oils: NYMASIL
Water repellents: NYMAREP


Ammonium polyphosphate is an inorganic polymer resulting from the reaction of polyphosphoric acid with ammonia. Polyphosphate ammonium acts as a flame retardant creating on the surface to protect a solid layer generated by a chemical process called “intumescence”. Nymphos is used for intumescent Paints or Paints, Plastics, Sealants, Rubbers, Paper and Textiles. Available in different grades and functional modifications.


Wide range of high-quality Organic Pigments for automotive paints, industrial uses, decorative paints, printing inks, plastics and special applications such as toners and ink jets.

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