Synthomer is a global speciality chemical company which develops, manufactures and markets emulsion polymers and speciality chemicals for various commercial, industrial and residential end uses. With the acquisition of Omnova Solutions in 2020, Synthomer grew its global manufacturing network, expanded its product portfolio including engineered surfaces, laminates and performance films with boosted geographical presence, allowing it to better serve new and existing customers around the world.

Synthomer produces a broad range of speciality polymers and chemicals for various applications such as Adhesives & Sealants, Antioxidants, Binders, Cement Additives, Coating Resins & Additives, Concrete Protection & Additives, Drilling Fluid Additives, Durable Press Resins, Elastomeric Modifiers, Floor Care Polymers & Additives, Fluid Loss Control Additives, Fluorosurfactants, In-Mold Coatings, Insolubilizers, Lubricants, Moisture Barriers, Opacifiers, Primer Coatings, Print Enhancers, Reinforcing Resins, Release Coatings, Repellents, Saturants, Sizing Agents, Softeners, Stimulation Additives, Engineered Surfaces, Coated Fabrics Upholstery, Digital Wall Murals,  Laminates, Performance Films.

Nymco had been a long term partner of legacy Omnova Solutions and is now also a distributor of its portfolio for the Italian market.

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