Ningbo Haoxin Yuron is a Cina based it is specialized in researching and producing chlorinated polyolefin resins. Nymco is YURON’s Italian chemicals distributors.

With a new production line YURON reached an annual output of 10,000 tons chlorinated polyolefin resins thus making YURON the professional native manufacturer with the largest production capacity and the most complete category of chlorinated polyolefin resins (high chlorine content) in China. The main product series are aqueous phased chlorinated rubber, aqueous phased high performance high chlorinated polyethylene, aqueous phase high chlorinated poly-ethylene, aqueous phase chlorinated polyvinyl, and aqueous phase chlorinated polyolefin. Each of these series has several grades of products and can be used in heavy anticorrosion coating, fire resistance coating, marine paint, high-grade adhesive, printing ink and so on. The aqueous phased suspension chlorinated process is harmless to both nature and the environment. It uses water as a reaction medium instead of poisonous liquids such as carbon tetrachloride, trichloromethane and dichloromethane. Therefore, this process does not damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Since many years YURON and Nymco are partners and Nymco is appointed as exclusive distributor for Italian country.

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