SIDIAC has been developing and producing its products for over 50 years, with a constant concern for quality and respect for the environment. Based in Touvre, in France, Sidiac is today a worldwide leading company for Polyblends NBR/PVC, and trademark SIVIC® has become the reference for this kind of products.

Sidiac constantly develop new SIVIC® polyblends with more ecological and more advanced raw materials, bringing to its products new and improved properties to fulfil the increasingly demanding requirements coming from the rubber industry. All the SIVIC® grades are filtered to avoid any dust and, feature the outstanding properties for which they are known: ozone resistance, oil and fuel resistance ease of formulation, curing and processing, production regularity and cleanliness. Moreover, Sidiac is able to produce special grades for high performance grade for bio fuel and cold resistance or tailored to the customer’s specifications.       

Since many years, Sidiac and Nymco are partners, and Nymco is the exclusive distributor for the Italian market.

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