THOR is a UK based multinational manufacturer and distributor of biocides, flame retardant and other specialty chemicals. Nymco is THOR distributor for industrial application in Italy.

Thor has a wide range of ACTICIDE® biocides  for the safe and effective preservation of a multitude of industrial and consumer products. Our main expertise lies in the production and formulation of standard and customised biocides based on own manufactured actives including isothiazolinones (available from three major Thor sites), formaldehyde donors and IPBC. A range of quaternary ammonium compounds is also amongst Thor manufactured biocides marketed under the international trademark ACTICIDE®. These biocides prevent the biodeterioration of products both in their wet/fluid, dry/cured and intermediate states.

Thor is an established name in the development and production of AFLAMMIT® environmentally acceptable flame retardant products.

Since many years THOR and Nymco are partners and Nymco is appointed as a distributor for Italian country.

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