GREENCEL is Slovak based company with long year experience of the complex wood processing in BUKOZA Group companies. The brand GREENCEL covers products in three divisions. The cellulose fibers for technical applications were the first products the company started to make. Later, they expanded the product portfolio to include the products for fluids and beverages filtration. A division for the production of plant fibers for food industry was established as the last one. It has become an internationally recognized company. Nymco is GREENCEL’s Italian distributors.
The cellulose fibers are the products by their characteristic ranging among the natural materials originating from wood or plants. The cellulose fibers are made by means of chemical and mechanical treatment of wood and other renewable materials, too. They are environmentally friendly and harmless to human health.

Basic attributes of cellulose fiber:
Length: 150 μm, 150 – 300 μm, 300 – 700 μm and >700 – 2500 μm
Color: White grades 80-92% and Grey
Thickness: around 20–45 μm
Cleanliness: Fibers of the highest quality containing up to 99,5 % of cellulose

Cellulose fibers GREENCEL are widely used in civil engineering industry in coatings, costructions and adhesives as additives and fillers.
Key characteristics
• Insoluble in water
• Thermal stability
• Strong hydrophilic nature = water retention
• Resistance to diluted acids and alkalis
Greencel and Nymco are partners and Nymco is the exclusive distributor for Italian market.


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