DRT, French group with international reach. As an expert in plant-based chemistry and a leading force in the production of pine derivative ingredients, we are committed to offering our customers alternatives that facilitate the ecological transition of today’s industries. Nymco is DRT's exclusive chemical distributor for italian market.

DRT use renewable raw materials to supply global markets with bio-sourced ingredients. Thanks to their plant-based characteristics, our rosin and terpene derivatives have become essential ingredients in many formulations. We continue to develop the market’s widest range of tackifying resins to address emerging challenges in the adhesive industry and coatings; we produce rosin derivatives, hydrogenated resins, terpene phenolic and polyterpene resins hydrogenated, terpene phenolic and polyterpene resins, rosin soaps and derivatives for a lot of applications.

Since many years, DRT and Nymco are partners and Nymco is appointed as the exclusive distributor for Italian country.

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