Acrylic binder with resistance to surfactant leaching and Superior early rain resistance

PLIOTEC® LEB 20 is a APEO-free all-acrylic binder for flat masonry coatings. This waterborne resin possesses all the benefits of LEB, such as:

  • Flat exterior masonry coatings
  • Topcoats for EIFS and house plinths
  • LEB (Low Exudation Binder) technology
  • that ensures superior resistance to exudation
  • (surfactant leaching) and efflorescence
  • Outstanding colour retention
  • Balanced dirt pick-up and mud cracking resistance
  • Superior early rain resistance
  • Strong efflorescence resistance
  • Low VOC
  • APE-free and no added formaldehyde

Basic Product Characteristics

  • All acrylic copolymer
  • Total solids: 45%
  • pH: 8.0 - 9.0
  • Ionic character: Anionic
  • Tg: 19 °C

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