Nymco has put constant care and attention into the ethical aspects of work. We have always been committed to continuously improving Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) procedures both inside and outside of our organization.

In accordance with our HSEQ policies, we comply with regulatory and legal obligations through:

  • Targeted interventions to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses of personnel through training, information and advanced and safe operating solutions;
  • Emergency prevention and management;
  • Monitoring of production facilities and storage areas;
  • Reduction of environmental impacts, such as the containment of waste and energy consumption;
  • Identification and marketing of products selected according to stringent safety standards.

The Company has adopted and maintains a Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

Making all staff aware of and participating in the efforts of top management constitutes an additional means of cohesion and collaboration within the company and allows, through specific training programs, to pursue the objectives set. Nymco believes that IT systems are the basis of rapid and exhaustive communication, both addressed to internal and external personnel, and therefore works to ensure that its application programs are constantly adapted and expanded both to internal organizational needs and to the provisions prescribed by any new regulations. The company undertakes constant initiatives for the evaluation of Customer Satisfaction, in order to assess the degree of satisfaction of its customers and interested parties for the services offered. The goal is to develop all those activities useful to further reduce the number and extent of complaints and reports from customers and interested parties.